Attaching OneDrive for Business files in OWA allows for easy sharing

Microsoft just recently added a very cool and exciting feature to Office 365!

Traditionally, when sending an email you have always been able to send an email attachment say of a Microsoft Word or Excel document.  Once the recipient receives the file they are able to open it up and make changes at that point.  At this point two different versions of that document exist.  The receipient could then email the document back to the original sender.  Then, the sender could makes some updates and reattach that file back.  The whole point is that it’s easy end up with all kinds of different versions / copies of the same file.  It can be a nightmare keeping track of all of the changes and attempt to merge them into a “master” document.  I’ve experienced this with a group of engineers putting together a proposal for a customer.  It was a nightmare to make updates to the “master” and we all ended up frustrated!

While composing an email in OWA (Outlook Web App) you are now able to attach files from directly from your OneDrive for Business account.   The attached file will automatically be shared with the recipient.  The recipient(s) will actually receive an email with an invitation to the file stored in the senders OneDrive for Business account.  Clicking on the link in the email will pull up a new browser window and have the recipient authenticate using a Microsoft or Organizational account.

The beauty of using this new feature is that the recipient will be able to make changes to the file stored in the senders OneDrive for Business account rather than resulting in multiple copies of the same file existing within the sender and the recipient(s) environments that are all different from one another!

Additionally, the sender and recipient(s) can simultaneously edit the document and allow for instant collaboration using an internet connection and just a browser.  Users can actually see all of the changes being made live as they happen.  All changes are saved to the file stored in OneDrive for Business.

Now that rocks!


Attaching files in OWA