Microsoft just released a new feature to Office 365 users (and coming to all Outlook.com users) called @Mention.  @Mention allows you to specifically call someone out when writing an email.  I do this very frequently when composing a message to multiple recipients.  I may ask someone a question or someone else something different or to perform a task.  Typically, that requires all recipients to actually view and read the email to do something.  Now, @mention will specifically call someone’s attention to an email message where someone @mentioned them.

To use @mention all you have to do when composing a new email message is to just type the @ symbol and the start of their name.  @Mention will suggest a list of contact names that matches that syntax.  OWA or Outlook will do the rest!   Then, when finished simply send the message as normal and the email in the recipients Inbox will have a new icon that calls attention to the specific email message where they were mentioned using the @mention feature.

Mention in O365

Below, you can see a message in my Inbox with the @mention symbol is enabled.  As you can see here is an email where someone composed an email where my name was mentioned with the @mention feature.  You are able to sort or filter messages using the @mention feature just like you can use other features to sort or filter messages.

Mentioned Email


This feature is rolling out to Office 365 tenants.  Currently, Outlook 2016 doesn’t support the @mention feature but expect support to be rolled out shortly in the form of an update.  So, for now the only way to use the @mention feature is by using OWA.  Additionally, Microsoft will also be rolling this out to Outlook.com users as well most likely in the coming quarter.

On another note, Microsoft also added the capability to “Like” messages.  We’re seeing social media integrated with email.  I’m really interested seeing how liking an email will add additional capabilities besides seeing how many people liked a particular email message which to me doesn’t do much besides being a counter and I don’t see much functionality gained by using this in a business environment.

Stay tuned for other news and announcements!