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About Us – Office 365 Engineering

System Engineer

We are a group of System Engineers who work full time doing IT.  We work with users, applications, servers, troubleshooting issues, etc. day in and day out.  We’ve also performed cloud based migrations full time for our living.   We work within a small geographic area.  We are looking to expand our customer base and help companies all throughout the United State migrate their existing email systems to Office 365.  In order to expand our customer base we are working  after hours on the east coast on nights and weekends to assist you migrating your mail system and processes over to Office 365.  We are able and willing to share our knowledge and experience to help make you migration as painless as  possible.

Our company has experience migrating user mailbox data (including e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc.) from many mail systems to Office 365.  Additionally, we have experience we Office 365 predecessor – BPOS.  We have experience migrating mailbox data from POP | IMAP systems, Google Apps, Gmail, Group Wise, and Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 all to Office 365.

We have performed dozens of migrations over the years totally thousands of users.  By this point – we have a vast degree of experience across a variety of operating system versions and office suites.  We have vast experience troubleshooting client side issues, server side issues, bandwidth issues, synchronization issues, etc.