Are you looking for Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, DNS, Active Directory, etc. Support?

Both DNS and Active Directory are the building blocks of Exchange Server and are absolutely required to be both installed and configured properly in order for Exchange Server to function correctly.  Of course Active Directory and DNS are also required for Office 365 to function correctly although in the case of Office 365 you would be using Active Directory behind the scenes and not your local Active Directory unless you are using Directory Synchronization or ADFS services.  Occasionally, you need an extra set of eyes looking over something that’s given you plenty of grief.  It’s always handy to handy to have the contact info of someone else that you can look things over and help with the issue and provide support.

After working with and certified on Exchange Server since version 5.5 up to Exchange 2013 – I have a lot of experience under my belt.  Additionally, I previously worked at a local IT company where we provided consulting services to clients all throughout West Michigan.  So, I’ve seen many different environments and have worked with and for customers taking care of Exchange Server related troubleshooting all the way to Exchange being completely down.  I’d never say I’m an expert and have seen everything because I haven’t.  However, that experience has been put to the test quite a number of times.

Additionally, I’ve done a lot of work on the client side of email with Outlook, OWA, Smart Phones, and Tablets. All of that support experience can be put to good use when it comes to helping with your needs as well.


Office 365

Are You . . . ?

  • Needing someone to look over your existing on premise and Office 365 environment and make recommendations?
  • Having name resolution issues?
  • Slow computer (or server) startup and logon times?
  • Having issues with Group Policy not applying or not applying correctly?
  • Mail delivery or routing issues?
  • On a SPAM blacklist?
  • Having issues with Outlook and need someone to troubleshoot what’s going on?
  • Needing someone to make recommendations which Office 365 product(s) to buy for your organization?  Are you a non profit?
  • an IT Professional needing assistance or have questions setting up, migrating, or moving data to Office 365?
  • Need best practices for migrating to and then cutting over to Office 365?
  • Needing support with smart phones or tablets connecting up to your mailbox server or Office 365?
  • Needing support setting up Office 365 message encryption?
  • Needing support to setup internal hardware or software such as copiers, scanners, software, etc. and have them send email to Office 365 email accounts?
  • And a whole lot more!

Did You Know?

  • If you have your own IT Staff we’re not looking to replace them.  We are just looking to use our support expertise to augment what they do on a daily basis for the particular issue at hand.
  • We are able to do work off hours including nights and weekends and provide support
  • No contacts or monthly fees.
  • Depending on availability we offer same day appointments.